15th January 2007




A University of Lincoln lecturer has received praise from one of America’s top film historians for writing a book about the work of one of the world’s most successful filmmakers – Steven Spielberg.


The book entitled ‘The Cinema of Steven Spielberg: Empire of Light’ has been described as “compelling, impressive and important” by Thomas Schatz the Director of the University of Texas Film Institute.


Schatz went on to say that the book was “a definitive study of the defining filmmaker of our time.”


Nigel Morris, principal lecturer in the Department of Media Production, applies contemporary film theory to attempt to understand the appeal of the commercially successful Spielberg whose hits include Jaws, ET, Jurassic Park and War of the Worlds.


Nigel said: “There is a widespread tendency to dismiss Spielberg as a lightweight children’s director or to put his success down simply to hype.


“I started from the position that his films have always been much more complex and interesting than most critics recognise. I decided to treat Spielberg’s movies with the same seriousness and respect accorded to high culture and see what happened.”


The book looks beyond the simple pleasures that a film brings to an audience; it explores in depth the political, economic, cultural and historical context in which the films have been produced and consumed.


The book is published by Wallflower Press and is available in paperback priced at £16.99 or hardback priced at £45.00.



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