8th January 2007




A University of Lincoln senior lecturer in child psychology has helped to create an interactive CD to teach young children about safety around dogs.


The Blue Dog CD is the first scientifically assessed dog bite prevention tool in the world and has thus sparked considerable international interest.


The Blue Dog interactive CD was unveiled to an international audience at the World congress in Prague (WSAVA).


The CD and accompanying parent guide has been produced to help prevent the risk of dog bites in the home.


The CD is aimed at children aged between three and six as recent studies have shown that the most severe dog bite injuries have occurred in young children.


The interactive CD is child-friendly and easy to use and teaches children how to behave safely with dogs. The Blue Dog stories teach children about dogs’ behaviour.


Dr Kerstin Meints, a child psychologist at the University of Lincoln, tested the effectiveness of the CD and results have shown that the CD improved children’s knowledge of the risks involved with dogs and that this knowledge was retained even after two weeks.


Dr Tiny De Keuster, Ray Butcher, Soraya Verbeke and Dr Kerstin Meints were involved in creating the ‘Blue Dog’ CD along with its scientific assessment.


For more information visit www.thebluedog.org or email Dr Tiny De Keuster on tiny.dekeuster@telenet.be or Dr Kerstin Meints on kmeints@lincoln.ac.uk.



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