13th December 2006




The University of Lincoln has secured a groundbreaking deal which means that recycled paper is cheaper than non-recycled paper.


Robert Horne Business Papers will now be supplying the entire university with photocopier and printing paper from only renewable sources at a significantly lower price than the university used to pay.


Recycled paper usually costs a lot more than non-recycled paper so this deal means that the university can help the environment and save money.


Susanna Murray who negotiated the deal for the university said: “This is an important part of the university’s response to environmental concerns and we are really pleased that we have been able to go sustainable by recycling our paper waste and purchasing UK recycled paper, whilst saving the university money. The possibilities are endless.”


Ken Randall, Regional Account Manager for Robert Horne Business Papers said: “We are delighted that the University of Lincoln has chosen to use a UK produced recycled paper supplied by us. This is making a clear statement of the University of Lincoln’s commitment to environmental responsibility.


“Robert Horne is very proud of its environmental product offering, with recycled papers now available that offer no compromise in terms of quality or performance.”


James Roberts, Communications Officer for the Students’ Union said: “Recycling is one of the areas the Students’ Union (SU) wanted to focus on this year. We have been supporting the university in promoting the new recycling facilities on campus and will be moving over to recycled paper with the official SU magazine.


“It’s great that the university is making changes like this across the whole organisation that will have a positive environmental impact.”


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