22nd November 2006                                                             




The winner of a competition to reinvent the traditional image of a seaside beach hut will be announced today at an awards presentation at the Lincoln School of Architecture.


One hundred and thirty-five Architecture students at the University of Lincoln were set a challenge as part of their degree course to reinvent that most iconic symbol of British seaside architecture.


The students had to design a 3-D scale model (3000mm by 2500mm). The judges, including Maria Karaolides from UL Architects, Paul Clarke and Stephen Palmer from Place Architecture, Paul Nicholson from HBG Construction and architect John Holland, were impressed by the standard of the designs.


The students illustrated an excellent understanding of materials, detail and construction that I felt was particularly advanced for the level that the students were at,” said Maria Karaolides, Project Architect at the University of Lincoln.


The winning student will be commissioned to build and install his or her beach hut on the banks of the lake in front of the Lincoln School of Architecture with the help of their fellow competitors.

Head of Architecture John Chilton will present an award to the seven best designs including overall best design and best architectural design at 2pm today.

He said: “Beach huts are perceived as a treasured feature of our coastal landscape, as quintessentially British as fish and chips. We want to take the beach hut into the urban environment, so that everybody can appreciate their charm and better understand their unique appeal.”



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