30th November 2006





A University of Lincoln lecturer is preparing himself for the Marathon Des Sables, one of the toughest footraces on earth.


Paul Murgatroyd who is a lecturer in Sports Coaching and Exercise Science will be training for the race at the university’s Human Performance Centre on Wednesday 6th December.


Paul along with four other people from Lincoln will be attempting the Marathon Des Sables in March 2007.


The Marathon Des Sables covers 243km/151 miles run over six days through the Sahara Desert. Mid-day temperatures can rise to 35 degrees Celsius and competitors will be running on uneven, sandy surfaces and up and down sand dunes.


Competitors have to carry their own rucksack filled with food, clothing and a sleeping bag for the duration of the footrace.


Most competitors do the race in aid of charity. Paul will be raising money for the World Wildlife Fund.


Whilst at the Human Performance Centre Paul and his team will have some physiological assessments done, including O2 uptakes and blood lactates.


Paul said: “It’s going to be really hard but I have been training progressively over the last 13 months in preparation for the race by regularly running, doing weights and competing in marathons.”


Paul and his team will be in the Human Performance Lab, Brayford Campus between 10.30am and 1.00pm.


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