IS YOUR DOG afraid of fireworks?

25th October 2006


Pet owners whose dogs are afraid of fireworks are being invited to take part in a study at the University of Lincoln to find out if homeopathy can help to relieve the dogs of their fear.


The study follows on from one conducted last year by the university’s Department of Biological Sciences. This year’s investigation will be much more extensive, further investigating the role homeopathy can play in managing the fear of fireworks in dogs.


According to researcher Nina Cracknell the study could help to clear up some of the arguments over the effectiveness of alternative medicines.


“People have been using homeopathy for centuries yet there is still much controversy as to its effectiveness,” she said. “This is in part due to a lack of good experimental evidence to support the claims of those who practise this form of alternative therapy. 


“This is just as big a problem in veterinary medicine, where homeopathy is becoming an increasingly popular choice for many pet owners. However, one advantage from a scientific point of view of working with pets is that we can eliminate some of the effects caused by patient expectation.”


The first phase of the project will take place over the November 5th period this year. This study will be testing two different homeopathic formulations for firework fear in dogs. Owners who take part in the trial will be asked to complete a daily diary to monitor their pet’s progress each week. 


Owners will also be provided with basic behavioural advice on how to deal with the immediate impact of fireworks on their dogs.


Anyone wishing to receive more information about the study should contact Nina Cracknell at the University of Lincoln on or 01522 895478.



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