Official Opening of Hull School of Art and Design

(23rd October 2006)


The new Hull School of Art and Design was today officially opened by the Rt Hon Alan Johnson MP, Secretary of State for Education and Skills.


The Hull School of Art and Design, originally founded in 1861, has this year undergone a transition phase which has seen Hull College take ownership of the School’s provision.


The new development includes the transfer of seven Degree programmes from the University of Lincoln to further enhance Hull College’s portfolio of higher education programmes.


A major boost to the city of Hull and Higher Education students, the School of Art and Design now offers a broad range of H.E. programmes in Art, Design, Performing Arts, Music and Media up to Honours Degree level.


Further to academic acquisitions, the newly acquired HSAD (Hull School of Art and Design) Queen’s Gardens building has undergone extensive refurbishment to house specialist art studios, and design and media suites.


Additional social facilities, together with a new on campus Higher Education Learning Resource Centre, have also helped to enhance both the support and environment provided for all HE students.


Hull College Principal, Elaine McMahon, noted the importance of the event to the students and the city; “Hull College has listened to the needs of its community, empowered its staff and students, and committed financial resources to the re-birthing of the Hull School of Art and Design.


“I wish to thank our partners at the University of Lincoln, our Governors, staff and students. Welcome to the new era of the Hull School of Art and Design.”


University of Lincoln Vice Chancellor, Professor David Chiddick, also highlighted the wider significance of the launch: "Today’s event symbolises the maturation of a real partnership between further and higher education.


“Not only will the recreation of the Hull School of Art and Design provide economies of scale and scope for investment in infrastructure, but it will also ensure that students in art and design can move seamlessly from further to higher education in one location.


"We are confident that the new Hull School of Art and Design will flourish

and grow in the future."


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