20th September 2006


The man blamed by the Government for the demise of identity cards is giving a talk at the University of Lincoln tomorrow exposing the mistakes which have led to the future of the scheme being cast into doubt.


Simon Davies, Visiting Fellow at the Department of Information Systems in the London School of Economics is giving a talk entitled ‘ID cards: from Holy Grail to Poisoned Chalice in Three Easy Steps’ in the EMMTEC building on the university’s Brayford Pool Campus at 7pm on Thursday 21st September.


The event has been organized by the British Computer Society (BCS) Lincolnshire Sub-Branch and is open to BCS members and the public.


Chair of the BCS Lincolnshire Sub-Branch Professor Cornelia Boldyreff said it should be an exciting event: “In the inaugural year of the BCS Lincolnshire Sub-Branch we are delighted to be able to welcome Simon Davies.


She continued: "The Government launched its national ID cards project in 2002. The promotional blurb then assured us that it would be the "gold standard" proof of identity; totally secure, technically flawless and so popular that only criminals and civil libertarians would oppose it.


“Four years later the scheme has gone off the rails and has lost the confidence even of senior civil servants. In this talk, Simon Davies - described by government as the architect of the project's demise - discusses the poor decisions that have led to the current situation."




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