4th September 2006




Graduating design student Michael Salvati won a major industry award and landed a job with a leading firm of exhibition designers during his final year.


Michael (21), who will graduate next week with a degree in Museum and Exhibition Design from the University of Lincoln, won first prize in the TiLE (Trends, Technology, Theming and Design in Leisure Environments) 2006 Young Designer Award competition in June.


He also helped Yorkshire firm DMN Solutions onto a government tender list by designing a healthy eating exhibit to encourage schoolchildren to eat school meals.


Having done two work placements for DMN Solutions in West Yorkshire he was offered a full-time job and started work for the firm in July.


He also attended the TiLE 2006 conference in Maastricht in June to display his exhibit raising awareness of the importance of water in everyday life.


“My tutor at Cleveland College of Art and Design where I studied 3D Design had graduated from the Museum and Exhibition Design course at the University of Lincoln and he recommended it to me.


“I liked the idea of it and I’m really pleased that I chose it. I‘d definitely recommend the course as it’s improving year on year now that’s it’s established in Lincoln.”


During Michael’s second placement he worked with a senior designer on an exhibition stand to encourage 11 to 14-year-olds to go for school dinner rather than eat fast food or go shopping.


“It had to be a child-friendly, adaptable design for more than one location and we were successful so I was very pleased,” said Michael.


Michael, who will graduate at Lincoln Cathedral at 7.30pm on Monday 11th September, was the sixth University of Lincoln student to win the TiLE award.


“I’m absolutely delighted to see another student achieving international recognition for the high standard of their work,” said course leader Pam Locker. “Michael was one of our top students and he has a very promising future ahead of him.”


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