19th September 2006




A new book, co-written by Colin Coulson-Thomas, Professor of Direction and Leadership at the University of Lincoln, claims that the rise of the ‘spin-doctor’ has made the public more suspicious of official spokespeople.


How to Make Your Case in the Media aims to offer direction to those who find themselves facing the media. The book illustrates ways in which spokespeople can develop positive messages and deliver them in a way which will attract the attention of print and broadcast journalists.


The book contains a large number of checklists designed to help spokespeople deal with some of the trickier areas of their roles, from handling nervousness before interviews to dealing with potential journalistic ploys to obtain confidential information.


Professor Coulson-Thomas explains how the public are becoming wise to the methods of the ‘spin-doctor’. “People are more cynical. They’re less easily convinced than they would have been in a more deferential age. Today, an organisation and its spokespeople have to earn trust – and the way to do it is to use the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.”


How to Make Your Case in the Media: the Complete Guide to Getting Your Message Across in the Press and on Radio and TV by Peter Bartram and Colin Coulson-Thomas is published as a Helping Hand Book by New Venture Publishing.



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