6th July 2006




At school girls outperform boys in science, maths and IT and yet only 18.7 per cent of those working in the science, engineering and technology sector are women.*


A new mentoring scheme to support female computing students has been introduced at the University of Lincoln, which has just received extra funds to extend the scheme.


The UK Resource Centre for Women in Science, Engineering and Technology (SET) has given Lincoln £8,500 to allow the mentoring scheme to continue and expand.


The project successfully established a co-mentoring scheme among women students in the Department of Computing and Informatics this year.


The result was a dramatic improvement in the retention of women students in the department, and all of the first and second-year women students who participated are keen to continue next year.


“This was a very small-scale project, but it raised awareness of the special needs of women students on our courses and greatly increased the confidence of women students who participated,” said organiser Professor Cornelia Boldyreff.


“Our aims are to increase retention of women students in SET, to support them in their career and to increase the number of women students on our SET courses.”


Since the scheme started, the number of women leaving their courses before completion has decreased considerably.


The mentoring scheme involved an online e-group and a dedicated web site, and women students on the scheme took part in a special university event for International Women’s Day.


This year the scheme was targeted at women students in the Faculty of Technology. The new funding will enable the scheme to be extended into the Department of Forensic and Biomedical Sciences.


* Source: Department for Trade and Industry, 2004; http://setwomenresource.org.uk


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