29th June 2006





A Lincolnshire entrepreneur has set up her own business to show people how to use ‘property styling’ to increase the value of their home.


Katharine Armstrong-Short (30) has set up Style Guide, a new property styling consultancy service based at Sparkhouse Studios in Lincoln.


“Property styling is the process of preparing a property for sale, rental or enjoyable living,” says Katharine.


“By addressing the décor, furniture arrangement, storage solutions, clutter, flow and finishing touches you can add thousands of pounds to the value of your property.


“Property styling is more affordable than you might expect – an initial two-hour consultation costs just £95 and involves a full verbal property diagnosis and recommended prescriptions.”


Katharine went to school in Boston, Spilsby and Horncastle and then completed a BTEC in Fashion Design and an Arts Foundation course at the University of Lincoln before taking a degree in Management at Lancaster University.


She will be appearing on TV in the autumn in a new Channel Five series called ‘Ann Maurice: Interior Rivalry’ in which the Californian house doctor will put hundreds of property styling wannabes through their paces in an arduous set of tasks to test their design skills.


If you’d like to find out more about property styling contact Katharine by emailing info@style-guide.co.uk or by calling 07790 909 435.


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