24th May 2006




The violent riots in France last year which brought large parts of the country to a standstill will be the topic of discussion at a guest lecture at the University of Lincoln by Professor Veronique Richard from Sorbonne University in Paris.


Professor Richard is visiting the university on Thursday 25th May to speak to students from the Lincoln School of Journalism about the violence in November 2005 triggered by the tragic death of two young men from the North African immigrant community.


According to Professor Richard the focus of the talk will be on the political, social and media crisis revealed in this period.


“I will present a panorama of the crisis, as described by the media, French or not, and analyses by sociologists and will be happy to discuss major trends and evolutions of current French society,” she said.


Veronique Richard has been a professor at the Sorbonne University in Paris since 1984 and was Associate Director from 1995 to 2004. She was appointed Director (Dean) of Celsa, which is a department of the university, in July 2004.


She specializes in management, human resources and communication and is particularly interested in ethical problems of society like sustainable development, social responsibility, deontology (the theory or study of moral obligation) in communication and journalism.


Last month the Head of the university’s Lincoln School of Journalism, Professor John Tulloch, visited Sorbonne University on an exchange visit.


The guest lecture will be held in Room MC0024 of the Media and Humanities building at 4pm on Thursday 25th May.


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