15th May 2006




The man behind research into a major new report into democracy in the UK will be in Lincoln on Friday (19th May) to present his findings.


The POWER Inquiry was set up in 2004 by the Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust to explore how political participation and involvement can be increased and deepened in the UK.


The inquiry was set up to understand why popular participation and involvement in formal politics has declined and to provide concrete and innovative proposals to reverse the trend.


Adam Lent, clerk to the inquiry and research director of the Power Inquiry report, will give a presentation on the details of the report at the University of Lincoln at 12:15pm pm on Friday 19th May.


The presentation will be given to project managers working on the ‘Active Learning for Active Citizenship’ programme in the Vice Chancellor’s Annexe in the university’s main academic building at Brayford Pool.


The report finds that political disengagement is not caused by an apathetic public with a weak sense of civic duty, economic and political contentment, the supposedly low calibre of politicians, the lack of competitive elections or negative news media.


Instead it concludes that citizens do not feel that the processes of formal democracy

offer them enough influence over political and that the main political parties are widely perceived to be too similar and lacking in principle.


The report’s recommendations are based on three major shifts in political

practice: a rebalancing of power away from the executive and unaccountable bodies towards Parliament and local government; the introduction of greater responsiveness and choice into the electoral and party systems; and allowing citizens a much more direct and focused say over political decisions and policies.



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