16th May 2006




New technologies in online marketing may sound exciting but businesses need to consider what these new techniques can achieve before they start using them.


That’s the view of a business expert from the University of Lincoln who will be speaking at a sales and marketing conference in Barcelona tomorrow and Thursday (17th and 18th may).


Andrew Corcoran is one of the speakers at Europe Direct, a conference addressing issues in online sales and marketing for the technology industry. 


He will talk to delegates about online marketing and the measurement tools and techniques for marketers - but he will warn businesses not to follow the technology without first assessing the potential benefits.


“Marketers are following the trends like lemmings," says Andrew. “They hear the new terminology of blogs and RSS and just follow the crowd without thoroughly preparing and considering the objectives and what the new technologies can achieve for the company.


“New technologies create great opportunities for marketers but the use of the technology must be integrated into the company's strategy.


“Using the right tools organisations can expect to reduce the fruitless calls made by their sales people and improve the value of their transactions. 


“Fully qualified leads allow businesses to sell appropriate solutions to interested customers and then build the relationship with these customers for future business."


Andrew lectures at the Lincoln Business School and has experience of enterprise as a shareholder and business owner in the SME sector.


He is currently undertaking research as part of a PhD into viral marketing and holds degrees from Cranfield and Leicester Universities.


For more information about Europe Direct visit www.baptie.com/events/show.asp?e=46


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