22nd March 2006




Cathedrals, churches, shrines and places of pilgrimage have always attracted visitors for a variety of reasons.


Now a three-day international conference and a one-day regional seminar to be staged at the University of Lincoln will highlight the importance to the tourism industry of spiritual and sacred places.


‘Spiritual Tourism: The Regional Dimension’ is a one-day seminar on Friday 7th April which is part of a wider three-day conference on the spiritual dimension of tourism at the university (5th to 7th April).


The purpose of the conference, hosted by the university’s Department of Tourism and Recreation, is to provide a forum for exploring the relationship between tourism and spirituality.


“The spiritual dimension of tourism has long been recognised,” says organiser Dr Adrian Bull.


“Indeed, religious tourism is not only synonymous with the early development of tourism but remains an important form of contemporary tourist activity.


“Equally, modern tourism is considered by many to be a form of sacred or spiritual journey, a quest for meaning or spiritual refreshment through travel or the regular secular ritual of the holiday.”


The three-day international conference will attract speakers from as far afield as Israel, the United States, Canada and Australia and will cover such topics as pilgrimage, ‘touristic ministry’, managing cathedrals and Buddhist temples and the spirituality of environments.


The one-day forum on 7th April will complement the conference by showcasing and debating spiritual tourism in the East Midlands and the east of England.


“From Lindisfarne to Walsingham, the east of England offers many opportunities,” says Dr Bull.


Both events are open to all. For details visit www.lincoln.ac.uk/ conferences or call the University of Lincoln on 01522 886407.



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