An ambitious student at the University of Lincoln in Hull is producing a short film for computer animation giants Pixar, the makers of ‘Toy Story’ and ‘The Incredibles’, as part of his final-year Media Technology project.


Vincent McDonald from Hull contacted Pixar Animation Studios based in California to ask for their permission to re-design the company’s famous desk lamp logo and use it to create piece of animation.


The logo featured in first Pixar short ‘Luxo Jnr’ in 1986 which received an Academy Award nomination for Best Animated Short Film.


For his third-year project 23 year-old Vincent, who is studying for BSc in Media Technology, wants to update the logo and make it more contemporary.


He explains: “The original logo was created 20 years ago and has remained pretty much the same ever since. My idea is based on a short piece of animation featuring two desk lamps fighting each other. I sent an email to Pixar outlining my proposal and within a week of contacting them they replied saying they were very interested.


Pixar have agreed to assess my work when it’s completed and write a review. I hope if my work is good enough it could lead to more work in the future.”


Vincent says he was inspired to pursue a career in animation by leading film animator Jason Snyman who came to give a talk to students at the Hull School of Art and Design last month.


Although only 22, Jason has already worked on 12 feature films including ‘The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King’, the ‘Harry Potter’ series and ‘Troy’.


“My degree covers all aspects of media technology including digital video production, website development and computer animation,” says Vincent. “I wasn’t sure which area I wanted to focus on but after hearing Jason’s talk I made up my mind. If he can become a successful animator at such a young age why can’t I?” 


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