28th March 2006



(Photograph opportunity)


Members of the Students’ Union Canoe and Kayak Society at the University of Lincoln are waging a war against litter louts who dump their rubbish in the Brayford Pool.


They’ve organised a ‘Brayford Litter Paddle and Pick’ on Wednesday 29th March to try and clean up the pool and raise people’s awareness of the problem.


The Society is looking to get the support of their fellow students and other local marina-centred groups.


Hannah Livesey, President of the Students’ Union Canoe and Kayak Society, said: “We’re hoping to try and raise awareness of the problem of rubbish in the Brayford Pool and get those who drop litter to take stock of their actions. I am always surprised by the amount of litter and what people throw in there.


“As students we pass the Brayford everyday. The rubbish is not only unsightly but it is also unsafe for people who use the pool and the wildlife which the Brayford is home to.”


Hannah and her fellow litter-pickers will be taking to the water in their canoes and kayaks at around 1pm. Volunteers will also be clearing the banks of the Brayford on foot.


The council has provided enough litter picking equipment, gloves, and reinforced bin bags for around 50 people.


Photographers and journalists are welcome to attend the event which is being held on Wednesday 29th March from 1pm – 5pm.


For more information contact:

Kate Strawson Press Officer (01522) 886244.

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