2nd March 2006




A first-year student from the University of Lincoln’s School of Journalism has hit the headlines after having an article published in a national newspaper.


Nineteen-year-old David Lee from Huntingdon in Cambridgeshire has written an article about being a computer salesman which appears in the Technology section of today’s Guardian newspaper.


David says he wrote the article in response to a piece published in the paper on Thursday 26th of January in which the journalist describes computer sales staff as roving imbeciles.


“I work part-time as a computer salesman to fund my studies and know how hard working in retail can be,” says David. “After reading the article criticising computer store staff I thought I’d write a riposte. I emailed the editor and pitched my idea to him.


“I’d always presumed getting your work published in a national newspaper would be really hard as they must receive hundreds of emails from budding journos everyday. My experience has been completely different from what I expected. I’m even being paid for it!”


Journalism lecturer Richard Orange says he is delighted but not surprised by David’s achievement.


“It’s the first time a first year student at the University of Lincoln has been commissioned to write an article by a national newspaper,” says Richard. “It goes to show sometimes using your initiative and cold calling can pay off.


“I’m delighted but not surprised by David’s success he’s a very enthusiastic and motivated student. It shows we’re teaching our students ‘real’ journalism skills. They’re not just sat in a lecture theatre; they’re actually out there doing the job.” 


David’s 600-word article entitled, ‘Don’t shoot me, I’m only the computer salesman’ can be read in today’s Guardian newspaper or on the website at http://technology.guardian.co.uk/  


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