1st March 2006




A campaign started in a small village in North Lincolnshire to encourage people to clean up after themselves and their pets looks set to go nationwide after being named by a national  newspaper as their ‘Campaign of the Week’.


The ‘Clean Up After Your’ (CUAY) campaign was launched by Terry Wells, a web designer at the University of Lincoln, who was fed up of falling foul of the dog faeces littering the pavements in Barnetby-le-Wold.


Terry says he is astonished by the amount of interest he has received: “The CUAY campaign was launched 2 weeks ago starting with a few stickers placed discreetly in my village to steer passers-by to the web site. Local web site magazines saw them and spread the word to local councils and then The Guardian saw it and made it their ‘Campaign of the Week’.


“It's not that our village is a mess, it isn't, but we’re asking irresponsible people who drop litter and don’t clean up after their animals to help keep the community clean.


“As well as being hazardous and unsightly, dog mess can be particularly dangerous for children and offensive to wheelchair users and those who are visually impaired. The minimum on-the-spot fine to irresponsible owners is now £100.


“Dog excrement can cause an infection called Toxocara canis in humans which can cause blindness, particularly in children. We want people to realise allowing your dog to foul a public area is an offence.”


Besides dog owners the campaign is also aimed at people who don’t clean up after their horses and smokers who drop their cigarette ends on the floor instead of putting them in the bin.


Terry is now seeking funds to maintain the web site costs and produce merchandise in the hope that it could become a national campaign. 


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