9th March 2006




The second in the Cine Latino short series of films entitled ‘For the Love of Women’ is being shown at the University of Lincoln on Monday 13th March.                                        

Tesis’, rated 18, focuses on central character Angela (played by Ana Torrent) who is a university student working on a thesis about violence in the media and the fact that there is so much of it on TV and in movies that we're getting too used to it.


Approaching her lecturer Figueroa she asks him for examples of footage as violent as possible.


He dutifully descends into the college's gloomy vaults and grabs a tape. A short while later, Angela finds him dead in the screening room.


Angela hooks up with geeky Chema - a horror obsessive - and together they check out the tape to find out if a film can really kill someone. Angela can't watch, and even Chema is amazed.


All the films in the Cine Latino series are in Spanish with English subtitles.


Tesis’ is being shown at 7.00pm in the Jackson lecture Theatre in the main academic building on the Brayford Pool campus.


Admission is free and members of the public are welcome to attend. If you have any enquiries please contact Andy Daglish on (01522) 886344 or email Andy at adaglish@lincoln.ac.uk.


For more information contact:

Kate Strawson Press Officer (01522) 886244.

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