17th March 2006




Film buffs are being invited on a roller coaster ride of emotion courtesy of the University of Lincoln’s Latin film series ‘Cine Latino’.


Brazilian film ‘Central Station’, rated 15, will be screened on Monday 20th March in the university’s Jackson Lecture Theatre.


The film focuses on Dora, a weary sixty-something woman, who works at a Rio de Janeiro central station transcribing letters for her illiterate customers and posting them to their loved ones.

She writes grand words of romance, joy and sorrow on their behalf but after work Dora returns to an emotionally sterile home life.

Josue is a 9-year-old boy whose mother is sending letters to his father, who he has never met, through Dora.


When she dies in a car accident, Dora becomes Josue’s reluctant guardian escorting him across the country to deposit him with his absent and no-good father.


One of the highlights of the film is the way Dora and Josué juggle the traditional roles of parent and child.


Beautifully performed, brilliantly written by Marcos Bernstein and João Emanuel Carneiro and handled with affection by director Walter Salles, ‘Central Station’ allows both young and old to come of age.


The film is in Spanish; with English Subtitles. It starts at 7.00pm in the Jackson Lecture Theatre on the main Brayford Pool campus. Admission is free and members of the public are welcome to attend.


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