8th February 2006




University of Lincoln business expert Professor Colin Coulson-Thomas will join three former Prime Ministers in speaking at a major conference on social responsibility in Portugal next week.


Professor Coulson-Thomas, who joined the Lincoln Business School last year from the University of Luton as Professor of Direction and Leadership, will be speaking at

the Global Conference on Social Responsibility at Vilamoura, Portugal from 16th to 18th February.


The theme of the conference is the role of business in alleviating global poverty and the event will attract leading thinkers, business leaders and the former Prime Ministers of Canada, Portugal and Sweden.


In his address, ‘Shaping things to come: Strategies for creating alternative enterprises’, Professor Coulson-Thomas will argue that too many boards and management teams are imitating other enterprises instead of creating new choices for consumers and additional options for mankind.


“They are adopting ‘me too’ approaches and following fashions rather than exploring, discovering and pioneering the use of new tools,” he says. “As a consequence, mankind is missing exciting possibilities for transforming many aspects of our lives and enabling those in poorer countries to better understand, produce and consume.


“A new generation of support tools can play a key role in generating new options, choices and opportunities for people around the world; transforming the prospects of those in developing countries and achieving a new balance between certain factors could enrich our lives,” he says.


“The means exist to meet a wider range of needs, provide more bespoke responses and offer new alternatives to individuals, social groups and wider communities.”


His presentation will include examples of approaches developed at the University of Lincoln for transforming performance and the prospects of people in developing countries.


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