16th February 2006



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The use of eco-friendly biofuels in Lincolnshire will be highlighted at a news conference at the University of Lincoln next week.


Organised by the Institute of Biology (East Midlands), the press launch on Thursday 23rd February will promote the use of biofuels – fuel delivered from crops such as oil seed rape, wheat and sugar beet – by organisations in Lincolnshire.


British Sugar is building a new processing plant in Norfolk using sugar beet from Lincolnshire, and very soon the public will be able to buy unleaded petrol which contains bio-ethanol from Tesco stores in Boston and Lincoln.


Car manufacturers Saab and Ford have models that run on performance-enhancing and environmentally friendly biofuels and Renault have recently announced their plans to follow suit.


The news conference will feature professional rally driver and Lincolnshire ambassador for biofuels, Fiona Leggate.


She will bring her Vauxhall Astra rally car which runs on 90 per cent biofuel. Ford Flexi-fuel and Saab 95 Bio-power models will also be on view and British Sugar and Ford will also be making presentations (see full timetable below).


Councillor Mrs Marianne Overton, Chairman for the Institute of Biology (East Midlands), said: “More efficient cars with half the cost emissions are being released this month and biofuel is going on sale in Lincoln and Boston.


“Biofuels are not only important environmentally, but they also improve performance. Currently much of the bio-ethanol is not locally produced and we want to change that. We want fuel that is locally grown and processed.


“This initiative will mean more markets and opportunities for our farmers to grow crops for biofuel production. We are on the verge of a revolution and this conference will be a fitting showcase to start this momentum.”


Update – click here for photograph of Fiona Leggate, Councillor Marianne Overton and Councillor Richard Austin with the Vauxhall Astra rally car


Note to news editors:


Bio-ethanol is an alcohol-based fuel which can be introduced in the UK today. It can deliver reductions of at least 50 per cent in carbon emissions compared with petrol.


·             bio-ethanol can be mixed with petrol at 5 per cent in today’s cars

·             bio-ethanol can be dispensed using today’s infrastructure

·             bio-ethanol is already being used now in some petrol in the UK

·             bio-ethanol is widely used in Sweden, Brazil, USA and other countries


·             introducing 5% of bio-ethanol into all UK petrol would have the equivalent

         effect of taking one million cars off the road.


The Government is introducing renewable transport fuels and has a target that all fuel companies must include 5% of bio-ethanol in their fuel mix by 2010, or pay a penalty cost of 30p per litre.


Tesco are rolling out their unleaded petrol that contains bio-ethanol. It will be available in Boston and Lincoln very soon.


Reporters, photographers and TV crews are invited to the launch.


For more information contact:

Jez Ashberry, Press and Media Relations Manager

01522 886042                         jashberry@lincoln.ac.uk

Visit our news web pages:      www.lincoln.ac.uk/news/latestnews.htm


Councillor Mrs Marianne Overton, Chairman for the Institute of Biology

(East Midlands) 01400 273323  marianne.overton@biosearch.org.uk


Councillor Richard Austin 01205 368351 richard@austin1936.fsnet.co.uk




University of Lincoln

Thursday 23rd February 2006





10.30 – 10.35am


Councillor Mrs Marianne Overton,

Chairman for the Institute of

Biology (East Midlands)


10.35 – 10.40am

Support for biofuels

Councillor Eddy Poll

Executive Councillor for Economic Development, Lincolnshire County Council


10.40 – 10.45am

Fiona Leggate – the Lincolnshire ambassador for biofuels


Fiona Leggate

BTCC Racing Driver

10.45 – 10.55am

Bio-ethanol plants now being built and planned for Lincolnshire crops

Tony Sidwell

British Sugar

New Opportunities Manager



10.55 – 11.05am

Car Manufacturers’ Plans

Andy Taylor

Ford of Europe



11.10 – 11.15am

The Renewable Transport Fuels Obligation and the supply of bio-ethanol and biodiesel to forecourts


Councillor Richard Austin

Lincolnshire County Council


11.15 – 11.30am





11.30 – 12 noon

Viewing the cars and photo opportunities