25th January 2006




A Media Technology student at the University of Lincoln in Hull is creating a computerised 3D Churchill tank to take pride of place in the Churchill Museum in London.


Third-year student Mark Ellett (23), who comes from Norwich, wanted to produce a 3D creation for his end-of-year showcase.


He emailed museums up and down the country and was approached by the Churchill Museum who asked him to produce a 3D representation of the famous World War Two battle tank named after Sir Winston Churchill.


In our final year we have to find a real client, says Mark, who comes from Norwich.


I wanted to do something in 3D as its a hobby of mine so I was pleased when the Churchill Museum invited me down to London.


They gave me a one-on-one guided tour of the museum and the Cabinet War Rooms and between us we came up with a product that would benefit me and them at the same time.


Its a 3D puzzle tank which wil allow the user to pan around the tank and see it from all angles. The tank will be white to start off with and then the user will have to click on points of the tank and answer questions about that part of the tank.


If you get the questions right you get to see more of the tank, and once all the questions are answered correctly the user is rewarded with a tank animation.


Mark added that the 3D tank is aimed at 11 to 14-year-olds as the museum is a popular destination for school visits.


Im confident that I can produce something close to the idea that we have agreed, he said. Its a big project so I am nervous but excited at the same time.


To find out more about the Churchill Museum and Cabinet War Rooms visit http://churchillmuseum.iwm.org.uk



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