17th January 2006




A final year Media Technology student at the University of Lincoln in Hull is producing an interactive display for the award-winning children’s museum Eureka! in Halifax.


Vicky Jones from Driffield is redesigning the existing interactive tour of the museum’s ‘Our Global Garden’ exhibition for her final year project as part of her degree.


The exhibition allows children to explore six gardens of the world including the Ice Garden, the Desert Garden and the Ocean Garden with the help of a cartoon character called Gordon the Gnome, and his animal friends.


Vicky is updating the information about the exhibition which appears on a touch screen computer to try to make it more appealing to children.


Vicky said she has always been interested in educational work: “For our final year project we had to design a product for an actual client outside of the university. I approached Eureka! because it’s a museum for children and I’ve always had an interest in educational work so it seemed like a good place to start.


“Fortunately the staff were very keen to update the interactive display. ‘Our Global Garden’ is not one of their most popular exhibits so they want to try and attract more visitors to it.”


Vicky continued: “Working for an actual client is a very worthwhile experience and will look good on my CV. There are other displays at the museum which need updating so if this project is successful I’m hoping they will ask me to undertake other projects in the future.”


To find out more about the Eureka! children’s museum please visit www.eureka.org.uk.


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