6th January 2005




Dog owners in the county can now go online to help researchers learn how to help dogs that are afraid of loud noises.


University of Lincoln researchers at Riseholme Park have begun a global study of the problem of noise fears in dogs.


Their research will look more closely at the possible causes of these fears and how dogs respond to treatment by comparing the backgrounds of dogs that are afraid of noises and those that are not.


“A number of scenarios are being explored on the basis of what we know about how these problems develop in people and indeed this study may even help us understand the human problem better too!” said researcher Kumiko Iimura.


“It has been estimated that perhaps 20 per cent of dogs may suffer from this problem in one form or another, and if you own an animal that is scared of noises you know how sad it can be to see your faithful companion suffer,” said Kumiko.


“They tremble and pant and may harm either themselves or their owners in their panic to escape.


“Methods have been developed to help these animals and are available from vets or behaviour clinics across the country, but still some animals don’t respond to these treatments.


“Surprising as it may seem, we know very little about how these problems come about. “


The researchers would like to hear from all types of dog owner, whether their dogs are afraid of noises or not. An online questionnaire has been set up at




For more information about the research contact Kumiko Iimura by emailing kiimura@lincoln.ac.uk.


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