11th January 2006




Animal expert Professor Daniel Mills will give an insight into the mind of dogs at his inaugural lecture next month.


Professor Mills, who is the UK’s first Professor of Veterinary Behavioural Medicine, will give a talk entitled ‘The Mind of the Dog: More Human than Wolf?’ on Tuesday 7th February 2006.


“Dogs were the first species to be domesticated and occupy a unique range of roles in society, from guardian to social companion and from helper to hunter,” says Professor Mills.


“They have spread across the world like only one other species - mankind. There is great popular interest in understanding the behaviour of dogs, and a wealth of writing on the subject, but how accurate is this information?


“Analogies are often made with the behaviour of wolves or humans. My lecture will  explore the facts and fallacies behind these approaches to understanding dog behaviour and highlight new roles for dogs today.”


Professor Mills was one of the founders of the biennial international meetings which have assisted in shaping the veterinary behavioural medicine profession and has written extensive publications on a range of animals and exotic species.


Among his recognised practical achievements he has developed the Lincoln stable mirror to assist horses with isolation problems and successfully used animal pheromones to control badly behaved pets.


His lecture begins at 6.30pm in the Jackson lecture theatre in the main academic at Brayford Pool and will be preceded at 6pm by registration and refreshments.


There will be wine and a buffet following the lecture at 7.40pm.


Admission is free and no prior knowledge is required but places are limited. To book a place contact Alex Gray on Lincoln 837003 or email algray@lincoln.ac.uk



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