15th December 2005



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Around 30 journalism students at the University of Lincoln are launching a campaign called ‘Class Action’ on Friday (16th December) to raise funds to buy an equivalent classroom in a developing country.


The students, from the university’s Lincoln School of Journalism are planning to use the money they collect to buy school desks, chairs and teachers’ kits through the Oxfam Unwrapped scheme.


By Christmas 2006 they hope to have raised enough money to be able to kit out an equivalent sized classroom in one of the 70 countries where Oxfam works.


This is the third year Oxfam has published a Christmas Unwrapped alternative gift catalogue.


Combined, the previous two editions of Unwrapped have sold nearly 200,000 different presents providing more than 2.5 million individual items for communities in poor countries.


Top sellers included goats (38,000 sold), 17,000 gifts of 50 tree seedlings and more than 900,000 individual school dinners.


A school desk and a chair cost £15, a teacher’s kit is £25 and for £1700 you can pay for a classroom to be built complete with clean water, toilets and a roof to keep the rain off.


Senior lecturer Bernie Russell said: “The idea came from a discussion we were having in one of our online journalism sessions. Some of the students are working on web sites relating to poverty and development issues, and the Oxfam Unwrapped scheme came up in one of our sessions.


“It’s such a good initiative because it’s a practical way of helping people out of poverty.”


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