6th December 2005



The university’s Lincoln Academy in conjunction with the Lincoln Film Society is showing ‘Moolaadè’, an award-winning film set in an African village on the day when six young girls are due to be subjected to a cruel tradition.

Ousane Sembéne's provocative and politically committed film celebrates the everyday heroism of women prepared to make a stand against female excision, still practised in many African countries.

The children know the operation is torturous and sometimes lethal, and all adults know that afterwards some women can only give birth by Caesarean section.

Two of the girls have drowned themselves in a well to escape the operation.

Set in a village in Burkina Faso the story centres on a woman, Mama Colle, who takes such a stand by sheltering the four remaining girls in her home using magic (moolaadè) to protect them from the ritual mutilation.

Her husbands relatives persuade him to publicly whip her into revoking this ‘magical protection’ but when Colle is about to faint, the merchant takes action to stop the whipping.

Therefore he is hunted out of the village and, when out of sight, murdered.

The film is being shown on Thursday 8th December in the Jackson Lecture Theatre in the university’s main academic building as part of the Lincoln Academy’s season of events.

The Lincoln Academy is the university’s umbrella under which programmes of events and publications are offered to the public and aims to enhance cultural life for people in Lincoln and the surrounding area.

Admission is free and members of the public are welcome to attend. To book a place please contact Miss Alex Gray on 01522 837003 or email algray@lincoln.ac.uk.

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