14th November 2005




Two lecturers at the University of Lincoln’s School of Health and Social Care in Hull have been awarded EU funding for a research project looking into the problems faced by children from single parent families. 


Karin Crawford and Janet Walker submitted their bid to the European Commission in partnership with colleagues from the UK, Greece and Cyprus.


The two-year project entitled ‘Integrating Children’s Perspectives in Policymaking to Combat Poverty and Social Exclusion Experience by Single Parent Families: A Transnational Comparative Approach’, will compare children’s experiences in the UK with those in the other countries.


Karin Crawford explained how the partnership will address social exclusion and poverty as it relates to single parent families and their children in particular.


“There is a rising number of single parent families and children throughout the EU,” said Karin. “Our study on the children of single parent families seeks to rectify a long-standing gap in our knowledge and understanding of the social problems they face. In particular we know little, if anything, about how the children experience and understand their lives as members of these families.”


The research will provide a tool to establish the knowledge base on this issue and to develop appropriate policies. 


As well as providing a voice for children in single parent families the project will increase the knowledge and understanding of public agencies.


According to Janet Walker the success of the bid is very significant for the School of Health and Social Care.  “This research will build on the current strengths in the Hull school, not only the skills and enthusiasm of the university staff, but also the strong local stakeholder partnerships that exist. 


“It is just one example of the commitment to developing the research and learning agenda within the Hull campus.”


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