1st November 2005



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Graphic designer Stephanie Knopp will be displaying her work at the Lincoln School of Art and Design as part of a staff exchange programme between the University of Lincoln and Temple University in Philadelphia.


Stephanie who is Chair of the Graphic Arts and Design Department at the Tyler School of Art is the third professor from Temple University in Philadelphia to exhibit her work at the school in Lincoln.


Lecturers from the university have also been over to Philadelphia on a return exchange.


The exhibition entitled ‘Imaginary Landscapes: Photographs of American Architectural Follies’ will be open to the public from Friday 5th November in the Greestone Gallery up until 14th November.


Professor Knopp explained the inspiration behind her work: “For several years I have created images of the odd architectural ‘follies’ that I have discovered while travelling across America. I'm particularly interested in miniature golf courses, which offer an amazing diversity of bizarre and fascinating images.


“In their real life settings, they are often eyesores on the landscape, but somehow they acquire a certain dignity and magic - even a certain monumental elegance - once captured by the camera's eye, almost as if they were relics of a lost, ancient civilization.


“The images in this exhibition are representations of my love affair with these quintessentially American landscapes.”


Stephanie received her Master of Fine Arts in graphic design from Pennsylvania State University in 1978.


There will be an opening evening at the Greestone Gallery at 6pm on Thursday 4th November for university staff, invited guests and the media.


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