20th October 2005




Parents and students who are confused by the new university tuition fees can get help and advice at a special open evening at the University of Lincoln next week.


The event will take place at the Brayford Pool campus from 5.30pm until 8pm on Wednesday 26th October 2005.


The aim of the evening is to provide financial advice to students and their families and to highlight the major changes to university funding which take effect next year.


There will also be a presentation from Connexions Lincolnshire & Rutland on how to negotiate the UCAS university application system.


From September 2006:


        like most universities, Lincoln will charge the maximum 3,000 per year fee for all degree courses


        students will not have to pay their fees up front instead they will start paying them back after graduation, and then only after they are earning more than 15,000 per year


        the average graduate will pay back tuition fees at a rate of 5.19 per week


        from next year the University of Lincoln is offering a generous package of bursaries and scholarships to offset the effects of higher fees, with the poorest and brightest students getting the most financial help


        the Government has reintroduced the student grant students from the lowest income backgrounds will get 2,700 per year


        all Lincoln students will receive a 500 scholarship each year, faculties will award a further 500 on the basis of A-level achievement and students who receive a grant will also be eligible for a university bursary of up to 600.


A lot of support is available to students from next year and we are keen to provide as much information and advice as we can to ensure that students and their families are not discouraged from applying to university, said a spokesman.


To book a place please call Andy Kirk on 01522 886631 or email akirk@lincoln.ac.uk


For more information contact: Jez Ashberry, Press and Media Relations Manager

01522 886042 jashberry@lincoln.ac.uk