27th October 2005




A team of paranormal investigators, including Phil Wyman from the popular television series ‘Most-Haunted’, will be spending the night in the University of Lincoln’s Tithe Barn in the hope of proving once and for all that ghosts do exist.


With the help of Phil, the Lincolnshire-based Believe Paranormal Team will set up camp in the Tithe Barn and film themselves conducting a number of experiments in the hope gaining further evidence of paranormal activity.


The team’s producer and director Chris Thompson who is also studying for his A-Levels at Lincoln College said: “We are doing the investigation on 31st October which is Halloween as this is considered in to be the most active time of the year for the paranormal.


“We’ve heard alot reports of paranormal activity in the Tithe Barn which dates back to the 15th century and are looking forward to checking it out for ourselves.”


Chris will be making a DVD of their investigation which could be used as a pilot for an intended television series.

Making the DVDs started off as a bit of a hobby but Chris says they’ve really taken off. “The DVDs have become highly popular and have even been watched in countries including Switzerland, Poland and Sweden”, says Chris. “We recently did an investigation in the Galleries of Justice in Nottingham which is considered to be one of the most haunted buildings in Britain. There are currently over 2000 people on the reserve list for the DVD.”

The Believe team is made up of 10 members with an average age of 16. According to Chris despite their young age they’re just as serious as any other paranormal investigation team and have recently enlisted the expertise of veteran investigator Phil Wyman.


The team will be at the Tithe Barn on Monday 31st October from 5pm. To contact them please call Chris Thompson on 01522 730 467.


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