20th October 2005




The issues surrounding the government’s proposed anti-terror laws will be discussed at the University of Lincoln next week during a talk by the editor of the magazine ‘Index on Censorship’.

Judith Vidal-Hall will be posing the question, ‘Post 7/7: Liberty or Security?’

Earlier this month Judith was one of the speakers at a meeting at Parliament organised by an alliance of experts, human rights groups and peace activists to protest the state’s disproportionate response to terrorist attacks on Britain.

According to the meeting’s organisers the government is proposing yet more anti-terror laws, extending its general attack on civil liberties and the right to protest in the United Kingdom.


They claim existing powers are already being used to persecute migrant and Muslim communities while suspects are being detained under threat of deportation to countries notorious for systematic torture.


The magazine Index on Censorship was founded in 1972 by a team of writers, journalists and artists inspired by the British poet Stephen Spender.


Since then Index on Censorship has published a range of opinion, analysis, comment and reportage from all corners of the world.

Today it is one of the world's leading repositories on free expression issues.


Professor of Journalism Richard Keeble said: “Judith is editor of one of the world's leading magazines highlighting the plight of threatened writers and journalists across the globe. With concerns over civil liberties growing as the ‘war on terror’ expands, her talk is sure to confront some of these crucial contemporary issues - and stress the positive role journalists can play in promoting human rights.”


The tallk is the third in the ‘Journalists Speak Out on Journalism’ series and will be held in the Cargill Lecture Theatre at 6pm on Monday 24th October.


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