14th October 2005




The editor of the website www.journalism.co.uk is coming to the University of Lincoln on Monday to give a talk entitled, ĎGoing online: Debates and Dilemmasí.

Jemima took a rather circuitous route into journalism after studying fine art at Dartington, running an art gallery and living on an island.

She has freelanced on technology issues for the E-Government, E-Access and Future Health bulletins. She is chair of NUJ Brighton and the NUJ New Media Council, and member of the Online News Association's international committee.

Jemima has specialised in writing about the online journalism industry since she joined journalism.co.uk in April 2003.

Jemimaís talk on Monday 17th October is the second in this year's 'Journalists Speak Out on Journalism' series presented by the Lincoln School of Journalism.


The talk will be given at 6pm in the Cargill Lecture Theatre in the main academic building at Brayford Pool. All talks in the series are open to the public and there is no charge for admission.


"We hope our students and members of the public will enjoy the extraordinary range of eminent speakers invited for this semester," said Professor Richard Keeble, who organises the lectures. "Itís a real perk of studying at the University of Lincoln."


Other speakers in the weekly series include journalist turned politician Martin Bell, Dorothy Byrne, head of Channel 4 News, and The Sunís finance editor Ian King.


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