5th October 2005




The Holbeach Technology Park has won support from food processing manufacturer Ishida Europe, which has donated a state-of-the-art packing machinery line for the new Technical Food Training Centre.


The new facility, which will be completed by January 2007 to best practice industry standards, will be run as a food manufacturing site with authentic working practices.


The proposed centre is the result of an initiative by leading food companies in Lincolnshire to address the chronic shortage of well-trained technical operators for their businesses.


It will form part of a new dedicated building on the £2.8 million Holbeach Technology Park which has just been granted CoVE (Centre of Vocational Excellence) status by the Lincolnshire & Rutland Learning & Skills Council.


Before the Technical Food Training Centre opens a food processing hall is being established in the existing building to facilitate the immediate introduction of training courses. 


Ishida Europe is to supply a complete weighing and packing line for handling fresh foods into pre-formed trays for this hall. Further equipment will be supplied to expand the line once it is installed in the new facility.


“Many of the low-skilled jobs in the food industry are disappearing because of the increased availability of automated processing and packing machinery,” said Val Braybrooks,  Director of the Holbeach Campus at the University of Lincoln in Holbeach.


“In addition, food companies are recognising that in order to continue to expand and to stay ahead of the competition they need to introduce innovations and added value into their product ranges.


“Both these factors have created a skills level requirement that cannot currently be satisfied and which our new centre will help to address. To be effective, however, students need to train on the latest and most relevant equipment and we are therefore very grateful for Ishida Europe’s support in providing their latest, cutting-edge models.”


For more information contact: Jez Ashberry, Press and Media Relations Manager

01522 886042                         jashberry@lincoln.ac.uk