11th October 2005




Researchers in Lincolnshire are being invited to present their work to a wider audience at an International Conference at the University of Lincoln on Friday 14th and Saturday 15th October. 


Organised by PhD students from the Faculty of Business and Law, the conference, entitled ‘Engaged Research in Organisation and Management’, is aimed at bringing together people who produce results or who consider research a fascinating activity.


Over the two days there will be presentations in business and management, community development, tourism, health and social care.


At the last conference in March there were 30 speakers and participants from 11 countries representing a range of organisations including the NHS, the East Midlands Churches Forum and the Telematica Institute in The Netherlands.


One of the aims of the event is to give the university’s PhD students the experience of organising and chairing a conference as well as presenting papers. Hopefully from the discussions that follow they’ll be able to revise and improve their work with the hope of getting it published in the future.


Professor Gerard Dezeeuw from the Faculty of Business and Law said, “As well as providing our own PhD students with an opportunity to present their research findings we want to attract community researchers, practitioners, service users and carers involved in undertaking research in Lincolnshire.


“We aim to give them an outlet for their work whilst at the same time fostering closer links between the local research community and the university.


“Presentations normally last 20 minutes followed by 10 minutes’ discussion. Last year our speakers covered a diverse range of topics from the use of research in mental health to the design of first aid manuals in Thailand.”


The two-day conference will start at 10am on Friday 14th October in the School of Architecture Building at the University of Lincoln’s Brayford Pool Campus.


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