18th October 2005




Three New Media students based in Hull are to travel to France next month to take part in a major digital festival for young people.


Nick Goward (27) and Linze Holt (23), who both study Interactive Multimedia at the Hull School of Art & Design, and Damien Monnier (21), who studies Games Design, will make up the UK team which will attend the e-magiciens Gathering of Young Digital Creation in Valenciennes.


The festival, which is organised by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Valenciennes, will take place at the Théatre Le Phénix de Valenciennes from 23rd to 25th November.


“We have been invited to send a team of our New Media students to represent the UK in a web jam as part of festival,” said Sarah Humphreys, course leader for Interactive Multimedia at the Hull School of Art & Design.


“This is the second year running we have been given this honour.”


The e-magiciens Gathering of Young Digital Creation comprises debates, conferences, round tables, showings of video and multimedia works by European students and the LAB, an experimental and non-commercial exhibition.


For more information about e-magiciens visit the web site http://www.youngcreation.net/site2005/gb/site_html/index.html



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