25th October 2005




People with a sense of adventure and a love of the outdoors are being invited to a talk at the University of Lincoln next week to find out how they could take part in an expedition exploring the wilderness of Central Africa.


Lincolnshire-based research project Biosearch Expeditions has just returned to the UK following the tenth major exploration of the Nyika National Park in Northern Malawi.


Project Director Peter Overton, who has explored this remote area for many years, is now assembling the teams for March and August 2006.

“This has been one of our most successful expeditions”, said Peter. “The team has worked really well alongside the game scouts in the wilderness and have come back on a real high.

“We are working alongside Malawians to discover the wildlife of their largest and most remote National Park, extending to over 3000 square kilometres. Anyone can join one of our teams provided they are in good health, aged over 18 and have a passion to live in the wilderness, explore and record.”

With the help of Biosearch the Department of National Parks and Wildlife in Malawi is currently submitting a proposal for the Nyika to be made a World Heritage Site.


The stunning mountain terrain and beauty of the varied habitats, stretching over an altitude range of 2000m, make this unique area great for exploration and wildlife studies.


Members of the public, university staff and students are invited to an illustrated talk about the exploration and conservation work in Nyika National Park on Tuesday 1st November at 5pm in the School of Architecture Building, room ARM 201.


For more information on Biosearch Expeditions please go to www.biosearch.org.uk.


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