2nd August 2005




This year for the first time undergraduates at the University of Lincoln can choose to study Acupuncture or Herbal Medicine as degree courses in their own right.


In the past the university offered a degree course in Complementary Medicine which encompassed both acupuncture and herbal medicine.


Programme leader for Herbal Medicine and Senior Lecturer Andrew Stableford said: “Although the B.Sc Complementary Medicine degree confers full practitioner qualification and status in either acupuncture or herbal medicine upon its graduates the title is misleading. The use of the new titles of B.Sc Acupuncture and B.Sc Herbal Medicine make the disciplines more distinct to all concerned.”


He continued: “Both Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine are in the process of development, with statutory qualification pending and with a trend towards training in universities rather than the traditional private schools.


“We feel that the changes which have been made will boost the number of applicants. Undergraduates looking to study herbal medicine would not necessarily think to look at a degree in complementary medicine, which sounds more generalised and non-specific.


“There are tremendous benefits in running our course at a university like Lincoln. We now share a school with social work and nursing which is hugely beneficial for the integration and acceptance of complementary medicine into the mainstream.”


Since the revalidation of the course has been logged with UCAS, the university’s application rate has substantially increased. The target for the new acupuncture and herbal medicine courses is 20 students for each. So far 28 people have applied to study Herbal Medicine while 34 people have applied to study Acupuncture. 


Due to the popularity of the degrees the Faculty of Health, Life and Social Sciences is now looking at adding new disciplines in the future such as homeopathy.


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