11th July 2005




As people live longer and the population grows older researchers are looking for ways to take pressure off hospitals and doctors’ surgeries by enabling patients to monitor their own health at home.


As 50 per cent of the population will be over retirement age by 2020 and the potential workforce shrinks, new technology and telemetry will arguably be the only means of providing an answer to this problem.


Five academics who are leading this field of research in Australia will be in Lincoln on Wednesday (13th July) to take part in a conference to discuss the latest findings in the telemetry or ‘telecare’ of the future.


The University of Lincoln, the University of New South Wales, the Australian National University, Lincolnshire Enterprise and Telemedcare are supporting research and development in ‘telecare’ in the UK.


Connecting Health and Healthcare is an international conference being staged at the university’s Brayford Pool campus to look at the background of research in this area, to share ideas and to explore the future possibilities of the new technology.


In the future patients could be able to measure for themselves their blood pressure, heart rate, weight, ECG, blood oxygen, glucose levels, blood clotting, medication management and even unsteadiness for those prone to recurrent falls.


Speakers at the conference will include Professor Alan Burns, Chief Executive of Trent Strategic Health Authority and Visiting Professor of Health Management and Leadership at the University of Lincoln; Dr Richard McManus from the University of Birmingham; Professor Branko Celler, Dr Nigel Lovell and Dr Jim Basilakis from the University of New South Wales; and Professor Marc Budge from the Australian National University.


Delegates will be able to see demonstrations of Telemedcare,  a new technology which will be launched in the UK later this year by United Health.


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