14th July 2005



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An educational computer game designed by a student at the University of Lincoln could become part of the primary school curriculum in Cyprus.


Ian Waters (22), who is graduating in September after studying Interactive Multimedia at the University of Lincoln in Hull produced Secret Agent Europe as part of a final year major project.


Secret Agent Europe is a crime-solving game in which the player travels around the continent following trivia-based clues in order to catch up with crooks.

Players can visit 49 cities in 39 different countries and access a fact file packed with information.


The game has been picked up by the University of Cyprus who in conjunction with IBM and Sun Microsystems are researching the perfect computerised learning environment for primary schools.


They were planning to develop their own in-house software but after playing a demo of Secret Agent Europe have decided to use it as a base to work from.


Ian has also been invited to work with the research team.


“Since finishing my degree just over two months ago I have spent time 'polishing' the game to make it more marketable and I’ve have had a lot of favourable feedback,” said Ian.


“I’ve also started my own business called 120 Digital along with two other Lincoln graduates. Our aim is to market educational software geared towards the UK curriculum. In the last year I’ve gone from thinking there’s no way I can do this to what can I do next.”


Course leader for the New Media area in Hull, Sarah Humphreys, said: “We are pleased Ian’s done so well in turning third-year work into a fully marketable project and that he’s attracted such levels of interest in such a short space of time.”


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