26th July 2005




A Politics lecturer at the University of Lincoln has been elected on to the executive committee of the prestigious Political Studies Association.


Dr Jacqui Briggs (41) came top of the poll to elect a new committee member and is now also chair of the PSAs education sub-committee.


Dr Briggs was co-opted on to the executive committee after the University of Lincoln hosted the PSAs annual conference in April 2004, when 400 national and international political scientists attended a four-day event.


I was then asked whether I would like to put myself forward for election to serve on the committee for a further three year-period, said Dr Briggs.


I duly did so and was surprised and thrilled to find that not only had I been elected but that I came joint first in the poll.


As chair of the education sub-committee my remit is particularly in the area of student recruitment to politics courses at both undergraduate and postgraduate level.


I have also been asked to chair a panel at a special PSA conference in December on the topic of student recruitment.


The workload may be slightly daunting but this certainly poses an exciting challenge and I am looking forward to having an opportunity to make my mark - especially as a woman in the still predominantly male world of politics!


After graduating from Leeds University in 1985 with a degree in Political Studies, Dr Briggs completed her PhD in Politics at the University of York.


Dr Briggs currently teaches new social movements, women and politics, British politics since 1914, the history of political thought and modern political thought.


Her research interests include politicisation, gender and politics and the future of regional government. She is currently writing about women and political representation.


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