16th June 2005




Business students in Lincoln have devised a student version of Monopoly to mark the game’s 70th anniversary and help break the ice at the start of term.


The four students - Lizzy Spurr, Sarah-Louise Pullen, Joe Oughtred and Ed Holdcroft – got unprecedented 100 per cent marks for the game, whose board features Lincoln student landmarks instead of London properties.


They replaced the traditional hat, dog, thimble and boot counters with a fire extinguisher, fry-up, TV and beer barrel – all lovingly collected from a local doll’s house stockist.


In the student version of the game the utilities become the launderette and the mobile phone company, the railways stations become landmarks at the University of Lincoln and players who pass ‘Go’ get a £200 student loan instalment.


Chance and Community Chest cards become Lecture and Seminar cards while houses and hotels are replaced by miniature plastic bottles of beer and spirits.


"The attention to detail is amazing - it's the most innovative and creative piece of work I've ever assessed," said senior lecturer Tracy Lamping.


As unit co-ordinator Tracy had set first-year students the task of identifying a problem that affected student approaches to successful learning and then produce a 'learning resource' to support students encountering such a problem. 


"Students love board games and they thought a student version of Monoploy would be a good way for first-years to get to know each other at the start of their studies, as well as finding things out about the university and the local area," she explained.


Lizzy Spurr commented: “After carrying out our research we decided to create a board game that would help people to get to know each other in their first seminars.


“The aim is to help people get to know each other and Lincoln itself in their first few weeks in a fun and different style.”


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