30th June 2005





A computer game featuring an airborne cat catching fish and parachuting mice has won a Hull student a prestigious national prize.


Linze Holt (22), an Interactive Multimedia at the Hull School of Art and Design, has won the first Europrix UK competition with her interactive game Flight of the Felix. 


Europrix UK is a new multimedia award designed to recognise and showcase the best work of first and second-year students from across the country.


“We had to research traditional and new games and produce a section of a game in Macromedia Director software,” said Linze, who created the game as part of her course work.


The player controls a cat which has a jetpack attached to its back and which can fly by pedalling and pulling strings it can fly. The cat and has to navigate around city scenes to collect fish bones, parachuting mice and cat food for points.


“Once all the fish bones have been collected the cat has to get to its parachute so it can land safely and advance to the next level,” says Linze.


“My main aim was to create a game that is fun for all ages and I wanted the designs to be colourful and interesting, reflecting my own artistic style.”


Europrix UK is an extension of the established Europrix Top Talent Award which is open to all young designers in Europe. Students winning Europrix UK will go on to represent the UK’s new designers in the Europrix Top Talent Award in Vienna.


“It is great news for Linze to win this award and receive national and international recognition for her work,” said Richard Vickers, senior lecturer in New Media at the Hull School of Art and Design.


“I know the work submitted for the competition was of a very high standard and to win first place outright is an excellent achievement.”


You can play Flight of the Felix online at: http://www.newmedia.lincoln.ac.uk/lbholt/fofgame.htm


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