8th June 2005




A new American Studies degree course to be launched this autumn at the University of Lincoln has been given a boost by the American Embassy in London.


The embassy has agreed to provide £2,000 to pay for books to support the new course which will find a home in the university’s new £5 million Great Central Warehouse Library.


Course leader Dr Steven Pope wrote to the embassy with a list of suitable books which the university would like to buy in time for September, when the first American Studies students will enrol at Lincoln.


“Although a couple of my colleagues have taught American literature at Lincoln for several years, our library has only begun acquiring books and journals on American studies,” said Dr Pope, a senior lecturer in history and a native of Michigan.


“As such, we’re delighted that this grant can support our fledgling collection.” 


The new degree course in American Studies provides a critical perspective on American culture from literature, history and cultural studies.


Lincoln’s team of six teaching staff brings together a wide range of research and teaching interests in cultural and political history, literary criticism, film studies, post-colonial studies, semiotics and cultural studies.


The course allows students to study a wide range of writing and media, including fiction, poetry, journalism, film, drama, television, radio and music and emphasises historical, social and political contexts and the construction of American identities.


Units include the Vietnam war, American icons, the West in popular imagination, the history of American sport, representations of the South, America during the Cold War and Hollywood.


To find out more about American Studies at the University of Lincoln contact Dr Steven Pope on Lincoln (01522) 837353, email spope@lincoln.ac.uk or visit www.lincoln.ac.uk/home/courses/humanities/undergraduate/american/index.asp


For more information contact:

Jez Ashberry, Press and Media Relations Manager

01522 886042                         jashberry@lincoln.ac.uk