26th May 2005




Educators in Hull and the East Riding are invited to hear a professorial lecture by an education expert from the University of Lincoln next week.


Professor Trevor Kerry, Emeritus Professor in the International Institute for Education Leadership, will give a lecture entitled ‘The Master Teacher - Dodo or Dynamo?’ on Thursday 2nd June.


The lecture, which will be given as part of the Hull Academy series of cultural events, looks at facets of the teacher's role and considers how someone aspiring to do the job exceptionally well (as a 'master teacher') might perform these functions. 


Professor Kerry is a well known author on education topics who has published many manuals of good practice for teachers.


He has also written a number of books about education management and more controversial articles about topics such as the future of education and the revision of the school year.


His talk will be of interest to professional educators of all kinds, but also to parents concerned about the nature of education in the UK today.


Professor Kerry has taught in primary, secondary, further and higher education. He has been a teacher trainer and a senior LEA officer.


The lecture will be preceded by registration and refreshments at 5.30pm and the lecture itself will begin at 6pm in the Saville Lecture Theatre, Derek Crothall Building, George Street, Hull.


Wine and a buffet will be laid on for members of the public after the lecture at 7.20pm.


To book a place for this lecture contact Rebecca Platt on Hull (01482) 311702 or email rplatt@lincoln.ac.uk


Admission is free and no prior knowledge of the subject is required.


For more information contact:

Jez Ashberry, Press and Media Relations Manager

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