3rd May 2005




Pioneering pet bedding products which kill unwanted bugs are now available at the Riseholme Plant Centre at the University of Lincoln.


The revolutionary anti-microbial pet beds, tested and developed by the University of Lincoln, contain an anti-microbial fibre to help protect against ringworm, Malassezia,

Staphylococcus (including MRSA), dust-mite allergy, wound contamination and odours.


The beds come in three types – Medibed, Comfibed and Dribed – and several sizes and colours and range in price from £10 to £30.


They are suitable for all dogs and cats and are particularly beneficial for those animals which have recurring allergic or infectious skin problems.


The pet beds are guaranteed to maintain their anti-microbial activity throughout their life, even after repeated washing.


“By selling these pet beds through the Riseholme Plant Centre we aim to support the viability of this unique facility and at the same time promote the important research carried out here at the university,” said Frank Ruedisueli, a senior lecturer at the university who led the microbiological research.


For more information please call Michelle Cassidy at the Riseholme Plant Centre on Lincoln (01522) 895348 or Nikki Eastwood on 07906 631946.


For technical or research questions contact Frank Ruedisueli on Lincoln (01522) 895447 or email fruedisueli@lincoln.ac.uk


View the full product range at www.equimeduk.com


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Jez Ashberry, Press and Media Relations Manager

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