14th April 2005





Three fairground relics from the early part of the last century including a life-size model of the animated character Popeye will be included in an upcoming Conservation and Restoration exhibition next month.


Fran Clarke, a student at the University of Lincoln’s Cathedral Campus, will be displaying the hand-carved wooden model of Popeye and a selection of other work completed by students on the Conservation and Restoration degree course.


The Popeye piece was made some time around the Second World War and was retrieved from a fairground ride storage site in Devon along with the ‘Sky Rocket’ on which it sits. The figure is one of only two such models in existence.


One of the other items retrieved, an 1890s galloper from a children’s ride, will also be included in the show thanks to restoration work completed by student Anthea Bisson.


The pieces will be part of the ‘Ruin and Remedy’ exhibition which will be held at the chapel in Chad Varah House on Wordsworth Street from Saturday 7th May.


The show, which also incorporates the work of several other third-year students, will run until Tuesday 10th May between 10am and 4pm (not open Sunday).


Other restored items on show at the exhibition include a Derbyshire Rifle Volunteers cap and a Greek red figure vase which dates back to 300 BC.


“The exhibiting students look forward to showing off their objects as well as discussing with visitors the work they have done to conserve them,” said James White, one of the student exhibitors.


For more information about the ‘Ruin and Remedy’ exhibition, contact James on conservationexhibition@yahoo.co.uk.





Anthea Bisson retouches a 1905 fairground horse retrieved from Dingle’s Steam Village, Devon               View Image


Maria Vassilaki & Myrto Nikolaidi work on a Greek red figure vase (dated 300 BC)                                      View Image


Fran Clarke restores the life-size Popeye figure, one of only two such models in existence                       View Image



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